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2009-05-10 13:56:01 by Housee


At last I have found my oportunity. Now I´m working as the main artist in a RPG project, I hope you like my work when it´s finally done, and the game too of course.


Working in my First Flash Project, as the main artist.

Do you like COLOURS?

2009-03-18 19:24:59 by Housee

Hi Newfellows!

I´m looking for someone who knows digital colouring using photoshop, corel, or any other programme.
I would like to make a team for future flash proyects as character designer or game/movie artist.

If you´re interested, just post here or send me a message to my inbox.

See you!

Do you like COLOURS?

Wouldn´t you be happier if you did a flash game with me?

2009-02-27 17:18:35 by Housee

I´m getting bored of being a "don´t-submit-anything-to-the-website" user, so I decided to make this new post to announce that I want to do a flash game. I´ll be the game plot designer and/or the artist.

C´mon flash programmers! I have a couple of ideas and it might be fun as well!

If you´re interested, please leave a comment in this post, see ya!

[The cute plush link is for the motivated ones who join in]

[ Not really :P ]

Wouldn´t you be happier if you did a flash game with me?

Yummy! Said... ¡Tierno!

Chocolate waffles! Now in Spanish!

Something to fill this place

2008-03-23 20:41:52 by Housee


Something to fill this place